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Bora Ocean Adventures Dive Shop

We offer many diving products such as:
masks, snorkels, palms, but also regulators, and others professional products.
The dive store welcomes you from Monday to Friday, between 8am and 12pm and from 1pm to 5pm.
Location : Oa Oa Lodge, Bora-Bora, French Polynesia

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Price : 35,20 €

Tuba Ergo Dry

The Ergo Dry snorkel has a very dry top that allows you to breathe without letting water in from above while diving.
The snorkel has an anatomical bite that allows you to breathe with ease.
Perfect for a very long diving or snorkeling session.
The drain valve makes it easy to empty the snorkel.
The main features of the Ergo Dry snorkel are:
  • - 100% dry top
  • - Sliding and rotating snorkel holder
  • - Corrugated tube and silicone mouthpiece
  • - Exhaust valve
  • - Suitable for extended diving sessions
Price : 37,70€

Palm Avanti Pure OH-DC

The Avanti Pure offers a comfortable shoe
It can even be used barefoot with an ergonomic heel for reduced pressure on the ankle and a special elastic strap for perfect positioning and ease of use.
Price : 32,70€

Fins X-One Junior

The X-One Junior Snorkel Fins have an open shoe.
The shoe with a buckle-free heel strap allows the child to wear the fins comfortably in and out of the water.
The X-One Junior Snorkel Fins are strong and durable, while offering a light kick thanks to Channel Thrust technology.
Your child will enjoy his or her adventures: the foot pocket has holes that allow water to flow faster, helping little ones swim with agility.
Ideal for exploring warm tropical seas or temperate waters.
With the X-One fin model, kids will be thrilled to follow the older kids on dives.
Price : 41 €

Tropical Mask

The Tropical snorkel mask is a frameless and extremely flexible mask.
Available in a number of bright colors, it is ideal for snorkeling and diving during your vacation.
The highly flexible face mask is perfect for long dive trips.
The main features of the Tropical dive mask are as follows:
  • - Silicone frameless mask
  • - Ultra comfortable face
  • - Soft silicone buckles with buttons
Price : 41€

Combo Stream Mask

Combo Stream is the snorkeling suit with silicone mask and ergonomic snorkel.
The mask of the Stream wetsuit has a silicon face piece and adjustment loops on the face piece.
This snorkel mask offers a large viewing area, even downward.
The snorkel that completes the set has a curved and ergonomic structure with an integrated snorkel holder.
The mouthpiece is made of siliter and is ideal for prolonged use in the water.
The bottom discharge valve allows for easy snorkel emptying.
Reasons to choose the Combo Stream, mask and snorkel are as follows:
  • - Ergonomic silicone mask, sturdy, easy to wear, great downward visibility.
  • - Snorkel with silent mouthpiece, exhaust valve, ergonomic and curved design, easy to use.
Price : 25€

Combo Trygon Junior

The Trygon Junior Combo is the snorkel and mask combination for children ages 8 to 14.
It includes a kids mask and snorkel that are convenient and easy to use.
The snorkel mask for kids is made of silicone, which is very strong and durable.
The adjustment buckles are built into the face piece and are easy to use.
The snorkel has a semi-dry top with anti-spill technology.
The snorkel holder is sliding with a carabiner system and the bottom drain valve allows easy emptying of the snorkel.
The Trygon Junior Combo is ideal for children as it includes:
  • - Ergonomic mask with silicone face piece, robust, easy to wear
  • - norkel with silicone mouthpiece, anti-spill system, drain valve, easy to empty.
Available in light blue and pink.
Price : 318€

Dive Computer Puck Pro +

The Puck Pro + dive computer is an evolution of the previous Puck Pro model.
Ultra-flat design for a perfect fit.
Allows you to manage multi-blend dives with up to two Nitrox mixes (21-99%).
The 3-line layout ensures clean, clear and understandable readability with the traditional segmented display.
Ease of use is ensured by the presence of a single button, for immediate and intuitive use.
The logbook is guaranteed for 35 hours with a 5 second sampling rate dive profile.
It can be used in depth gauge mode with a resettable average depth and using the stopwatch.
Price : 188,55€

Torch EOS 10LRW

Battery charge indicator rechargeable battery wide bean Light.
  • - 1000 Lumen cree lED
  • - Wide Beam Light
  • - Perfect for video and photography
  • - Visual battery charge indicator
  • - Removable rechargeable battery
  • - USB charging cable
  • - Charge indicator LED
  • - Mechanical multi-fonction switch
  • - It is turned on by double click
  • - Electronic lock system prevents the torch from accidentally turning on
Price : 150,80€

Mission 1

The basic model of the new instrument series is the metal manometer Mission 1, suitable for a pressure of 300 bar and integrated in a shockproof plastic housing.
Excellent readability, ergonomic design and two lugs for convenient attachment to the jacket are the special features of this standard instrument.
The main features of the Mission 1 dive pressure gauge are as follows:
  • - New modular design
  • - Multiple attachment points
  • - New easy-to-read display
  • - Brass case
  • - Technopolymer window
  • - Phosphorescent dial
  • - Charge indicator LED
  • - Protective rubber console
Price : 109€

Octopus Regulator Rover

The Octopus Rover delivers high performance even after heavy use.
The new large purge knob features a “dynamic hinge” design, which makes it easy to activate the purge function, even with just one finger.
It also prevents free flow during strong currents and is made of durable rubber material that can withstand over 113,000 purge cycles.
The patented Mares Vortex Assisted Design (VAD) system combined with the Fluid Dynamic Deflector (FDD) allow for a†natural breathing all depths.
The Octopus Rover’s combination of durability and performance makes it the ideal slacker for heavy rental use.
Price : 264 €

Regulator Rover 2S

First stage 2S The first stage 2S is a light, robust and compact piston stage.
The first stage DIN300 piston weighs 432gr.
In the INT version, it has a weight of 608gr.
Equipped with a dedicated RFID chip holder.
The sandblasted finish increases scratch resistance.
Second stage Rover
The second stage Rover offers high performance even after heavy use.
The new large purge button features a “dynamic hinge” design, which makes it easy to activate the purge function, even with one finger.
It also prevents free-flow during strong currents and is made of a durable rubber material that can withstand over 113,000 purge cycles.
Mares patented Vortex Assisted Design (VAD) combined with the Fluid Dynamic Deflector (FDD) allows natural breathing at all depths.
Price : 38,50€

Standard Parachute

The standard dive buoy “Dive Below” signals the presence of the diver during the dive.
Thanks to its bright orange color, it is easily visible, even from a distance.
Once folded and stored in the small, durable bag with hook, the buoy can be slipped into the buoyancy compensator pocket or attached to the equipment with the hook.
Equipped with a 20 m cable and various hooks for easy use underwater and on the surface.
Small lead weights are built into the base of the buoy to ensure proper buoyancy and can be folded for easy inflation.
Made of heavy duty PVC.
Price : 83 €

Cruise Mesh Bag

The Cruise Mesh is the perfect bag for storing your gear on the boat.
A full mesh design drains water from your gear.
For travel, it folds down completely to become a lightweight disc.
The main features of the cruise mesh are as follows :
  • - Full mesh, with lining on the heads
  • - For storage of diving or snorkeling gear
  • - Can be folded into a round bag with handle
Price : 32,70 €

50L Net Bag

This scuba diving bag with a capacity of 50 liters is a net bag that allows a faster rinsing and drying of your equipment!
Price : 720€

GoPro 10

Absolute speed and simplicity, now combined in the most powerful GoPro camera ever.
Featuring the revolutionary new GP2 processor, the HERO10 Black camera allows you to shoot 5.3K video with double the frame rate, take 23 MP photos, offers improved low-light performance and revolutionary HyperSmooth 4.0 video stabilization that’s available in all modes.
Plus, the HERO10 camera is cloud-connected: as soon as you plug it in, your images are automatically uploaded to the cloud.
Price : 83,70€

Waterproof case

Waterproof case for Hero 9 & 10
Price : 12,50€

Floating Handle for Go Pro

Water Floating Hand Grip Handle Mount Float accessories for Go Pro
Price : 25€

B.C Diving Knife

Slimline Knife with Hose Mount SS Blunt.
The knife can be attached to various different points on a buoyancy aid, BCD, or other equipment.
Price : 21,70€


The new [email protected] diving snorkel is made entirely of transparent silicone and is completely foldable.
The [email protected] is the perfect travel companion – once rolled up, it can be easily placed in its case, becoming a small ‘snake’.
Price : 20,10€

Weight Belt Mares

The Weight Belt is an indispensable tool for diving. By inserting the weights you can compensate for the buoyancy of the wetsuit and thanks to the quick release it is easy to remove. The main features of the Weight Belt are:
  • - Plastic quick release buckle
  • - Sturdy, tear-proof strap
Price : 21€

Reel 15m/

Compact 15m Dive Reel & SMB Surface Marker Buoy for Scuba Diving Snorkeling, high visibility wear-resistant line. Attached with a stainless steel double ended bolt snap.